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Ergotron x Logitech 品牌聯名專區新上線✨ 電腦週邊一次購足!

"Are you currently using a Ergotron monitor arm, but the product has exceeded its warranty period or you want to switch to another model of monitor arm?"

"Did you purchase a single monitor arm and later add a new monitor, and now want to upgrade to a multi-monitor arm?"

"Or are you currently using another brand of monitor arm and can't wait to get your hands on Ergotron?"


In order to reward fans who love our products, Ergotron has launched a subsidy program. If you meet the following qualifications, you can enjoy a subsidy of NTD$500 for your purchase!

【Subsidy Program and Conditions】

Option 1: Trade-in for a New Arm

Already own an Ergotron monitor arm and want to purchase a new one.


Option 2: Upgrade to Multi-Monitor Arm

Currently using an Ergotron monitor arm and want to purchase an additional arm.


Option 3: Switch to Ergotron from Other Brands

Currently using a monitor arm from another brand and want to switch to Ergotron.

【Subsidy Amount】


Will be provided as a discount code, with no expiration date.

【Steps to Apply for Subsidy】

1. Join the official website as a member.

2. Click me to fill out the online application form.

3. Click me send  a private message to the Ergotron Facebook page to inform them that you have applied for the subsidy program.

4. Confirm that the application information is correct and provide the discount code.

5. Enter the code during checkout to redeem the discount.

Upon successful participation in the subsidy program and completion of purchase, you are required to share a photo on social media:

Please post a photo of the installed monitor arm on your Facebook or Instagram, and include the hashtag #愛格升,and tag @愛格升Ergotron 螢幕支架領導品牌, and mention the link to the Ergotron website.

Below is an example for your reference.