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Ergotron x Logitech 品牌聯名專區新上線✨ 電腦週邊一次購足!

Our advantages.

Many customers who purchase monitor arms also plan to add monitors in the future. In order to provide customers with the convenience of "one-stop shopping," we have expanded our service offerings. In addition to selling monitor arms, standing desks, and carts, we also offer a computer peripheral device ordering service. If you need to order any related products, such as computer monitors, monitor arms, or if you have already configured your computer and need help ordering, please feel free to consult with us to discuss your needs.

Recommended popular monitors

Gaming: SAMSUNG 49-inch Odyssey Neo G9 Mini LED curved gaming monitor [S49AG950NC].

Multimedia: SAMSUNG M7 32-inch Smart Hub Monitor in white [S32BM703UC].

Budget: Acer 24-inch VA wide viewing angle monitor [K242HYLH].

Service process.

If you are starting from scratch and would like to discuss how to make a purchase.

1. Confirm your needs: purpose of the monitor/brand preference/budget.


2. Provide monitor model suggestions and matching bracket suggestions based on your needs.


3. Discuss and confirm the order details.


4. Confirm payment and delivery method.


5. After receiving the deposit or full payment, assist with placing the order and provide delivery time.


6. Delivery and after-sales service.

If you have already selected the items you want to purchase and would like us to provide a quotation.

1. Please provide us with the brand and model of the monitor you plan to purchase, or a complete list of components for computer procurement.


2. Based on the items requested, we will provide a quotation and suggestions for matching monitor stands.


3. Confirm the payment and delivery method.

4. Upon receipt of the deposit or full payment, we will assist with the purchase and inform you of the delivery date.

5. Delivery and after-sales service.

Friendly reminder💁‍♂️:We do not provide assembly services for equipment, and only offer warranty services for monitor stands. For after-sales services of other branded products, please contact the original brand's customer service directly.

✦Order Notes: 【Deposit】is 50% of the total price, and full payment can also be made in advance. 【Payment Method】Online credit card payment or bank transfer are both available. 【Shipping Method】You can choose to pick up in person or have the product shipped via courier.